Thursday, October 31, 2013

Renewing a Piece of Paradise in Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter Florida is a developing beach-side town in northern Palm Beach County that is gradually becoming more and more of a popular place to call home or to vacation. With miles of waterways and beach access, much of the entertainment in Jupiter Florida is centered around outdoor activities. Two of the most popular outdoor activities in Jupiter are paddle boarding and boating. In the heart of Jupiter Florida lies the Sawfish Bay, which is the area wherein the Lake Worth Creek and the Loxahatchee River meet to form the Jupiter intracoastal. This unique waterway contains 3 untouched natural islands, which are main landmarks of Jupiter Florida. An operation known as the Fullerton Island Restoration project has commenced, and is causing Jupiter natives to wonder what exactly the objective is behind all of the barges and construction boats parked around the island. Fullerton Island in Jupiter Florida is predominately composed of Australian pine trees and other non-native species of plants, as well as an excess of nutrient-rich sand. The objective behind this restoration project is to deplete the non-native species of plants so that native south Florida vegetation can grow freely. In addition, 60,000 cubic yards of sand are being extracted from Fullerton Island in Jupiter via barges, and is being moved 25 miles south twice a day to the Lake Worth Florida area. The idea behind moving the sand is to help create more wetlands and a healthy sea grass habitat next to Bryant Park in Lake Worth Florida. The primary objective of restoring this sacred Jupiter island is to help promote eco-tourism. Paddleboarding is becoming an increasingly more popular activity in addition to boating and enjoying Jupiter's beautiful waterways. Fullerton Island, once restored, is going to be accessible by paddleboarders, kayakers, and even small watercraft so that visitors can enjoy the natural beauty that Jupiter Florida has to offer in addition to great bird-watching and other activities. The $3.1 million dollar project is set to be completed by the fall of 2014, and is being funded by the Dept. of Transportation, the Town of Jupiter, the Florida Inland Navigation District, and Palm Beach County. This project is just one of many that the town of Jupiter is working to complete in an effort to enhance its already naturally-adorned appeal to both native residents and visitors alike.
The cluster of Jupiter homes tucked back away in the Sawfish Bay behind Fullerton Island are a community known as the Sawfish Bay Colony. Typically, this is one of the most desirable high-end Jupiter communities, and has gorgeous waterfront estates that overlook the pristine islands and bay. There may be a little extra noise with this current restoration project, but once it is completed, these Jupiter homes will be literally just a minutes by paddleboard to this gorgeous island.

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