Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jupiter Island, Florida - Loggerheads Make a Comeback

Jupiter Island Florida is a long, narrow island stretching from northern Palm Beach county to nearly Sewalls Point in Stuart Florida. It is home to many luxury estates as well as a handful of luxury condominium buildings. Jupiter Island has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Florida, along with a large quantity of protected land such as the well-known Blowing Rocks Preserve. A large strip of beach, approximately six miles long had been reduced to nearly nothing but sand dunes, until recently thanks to a beach restoration project this six mile stretch has been expanded to nearly sixty feet of sand. Not only are the residents of Jupiter Island enjoying this new expansion, but so are the endangered loggerhead sea turtles.
According to WPTV.com, “As of Friday, 6,440 endangered loggerhead turtles had made nests along the 6.6-mile island stretch. That's 70 percent more loggerheads than the entire nesting season in 2011”, which is tremendous progress for these Florida natives. Jupiter Island beaches are ideal for loggerhead sea turtles given that they are characteristically darker than most other Florida beaches, not overly lit artificially by an abundance of condominium buildings or commercial property.

Jupiter Island Florida has always been an attractive beach-going paradise, and now is serving as the perfect haven for these sea turtles to nest their eggs. There really isn’t any other place on Earth quite like it.

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