Friday, June 21, 2013

Jupiter Florida Local Events

Jupiter Florida is a beautiful Oceanside town in northern Palm Beach county Florida that draws thousands of visitors and seasonal residents per year, as well as year-round residents. The main focus of Jupiter Florida is the miles of public beach access to beautiful white sands, and crystal-clear blue waters. There are a number of eclectic local restaurants and breweries in Jupiter Florida as well. Jupiter homes are unique and charming, by and large, truly capturing that tropical, vacation feel of the town. There is always something going on in Jupiter, and the Loggerhead Marine Center is choreographing some events to bring Jupiter visitors and residents closer to nature. Teaming up with Blueline Paddle Surf, the LMC plans to host a paddleboard tour through mangrove channels and beds of sea grass in and around the Loxahatchee River, and Jupiter intracoastal areas. Visitors will get to hear blurbs from the guide about the history of the area, and about some of the marine biology just below the surface of the water. As we all know, we’re in the middle of the peak of turtle nesting season in Jupiter Florida. From June through July every year, hundreds of endangered loggerhead turtles make their trek up our Florida beaches to nest and lay their eggs safely in the sand. The Loggerhead Marine Center is hosting turtle walks Wednesday through Saturday evening. While Marine Center scouts patrol the protected stretch of Jupiter beaches for nesting turtles, attendants will enjoy an informative gathering about these special creatures, then they will get to witness any turtles discovered creating their nests on this protected beach.

Information derived from the Jupiter Courier.

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